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About Rivendel Farm

November sunset over the ridge at Rivendel Farm.

Rivendel Farm is located in the hamlet of Kenoza Lake (Sullivan County), in the heart of New York State's beautiful Catskill Mountains region.  We raise pasture-fed, free-range sheep and goats in a fresh mountain climate

Our mission is to produce a delicious healthful meat product using the methods of permaculture without pesticides and man-made chemicals.  You will appreciate the better taste of our free range products, just like your grandmother used to cook with! 

Besides managing our farm according to permaculture methods, we are investigating the requirements of having Rivendel Farm certified organic (we are not yet certified)

Our ewes are crossbred for well-muscled meat.  Our goats and sheep are fed free range on our pastures of mostly orchard grass and white clover along with windfall apples and white pine forage.  Our ewes and does are bred in November, and lamb or kid in March just when new grass starts growing.  Our animals are free of antibiotics, and hormones are never used.  We offer milk-fed lambs at 35-40 lbs (live weight), and lambs that reach a market weight of over 100 lbs by the end of August or early September.

This web site is designed to help you get a quotation for high quality lamb, goat and venison.  We will raise the animals specifically for you and e-mail you a price based on your preference for age or weight.  You can pick up your animal at our farm, or we will deliver it to a local humane processor with your butchering requirements.

About Our Mascot, Woolie  Woolie, our happy lamb mascot -- designed by Karen Leon.

Do you like our happy lamb mascot, Woolie?  He was designed by our friend Karen Leon, the well-known illustrator and cartoonist, whose lively work you may have seen as part of KFC's advertising campaigns.


If you want to know more about our natural, heart-healthy lamb, goat or venison, or if you want to send us feedback, please e-mail us at linda@rivendelfarm.com