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About Our Goat

Our goat kids are raised in an environment of open, varied pasture of naturally occurring "browse".  We give them a high quality of life, with low stress and optimal nutrition.  This translates directly into a healthy, lean meat for you and your family.

How to Order

To find out how to order our natural goat, please go to the Order page.

How Our Goats are Raised

Some of our does in their winter coats.

Our goat kids are raised by their mothers in the open air and are weaned after 3 months.  In winter they are fed locally grown hay, and forage on a variety of grasses and shrubs beginning in early spring.  We rotate which pasture they eat, to take advantage of the lushness of fresh new growth.

We believe our goat kids are the best you can buy. Here's why:

  • Sunshine & fresh air
  • Free range & varied, open pasture
  • No pesticides, no hormones, no antibiotics
  • Stress-free
  • Humanely processed

Here's what you get:

  • Wholesome, nutritious food
  • Leaner "heart-healthy" meat
  • From a farm that does not pollute your environment


If you want to know more about our natural, heart-healthy goat, or if you want to send us feedback, please e-mail us at linda@rivendelfarm.com