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Welcome to Rivendel Farm, home of healthy lamb, healthy goat and healthy venison. 
We raise our animals in a pesticide-free, pastured environment.  They graze on a variety of plants, which gives them a complete range of nutrients without the need for man-made chemicals.  Because our animals are grassfed, they have higher levels of CLA in their meat, making it healthier for you. 

Our animals' natural, stress-free, healthy way of living ensures our animals are happy and strong, and you'll be happy too, when you try our meat.  Our lamb, goat and venison taste the way meat used to taste.  You'll love it!

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Our happy lamb mascot, Woolie, hopes you'll enjoy our site and come back often.

Woolie, our happy lamb mascot, say come back often, y'all!Linda and Alan Rajlevsky
Rivendel Farm, Kenoza Lake, NY
Spring, 2001