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More about our lamb. More about our goat. More about our venison. More about Rivendel Farm. Send us e-mail. Receipes, and links to resources for natural agriculture. Get a quote, or place an order.


We like the recipes on the American Lamb Council's "Lamb Chef" site at:


Links to Other Resources

Rivendel barns.To find out more about the permaculture method of organic farming, try the ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) "Introduction to Permaculture" article at:


For information about the virtues of meat raised on grass, try Eat Wild's site at:


What's CLA?  It's conjugated linoleic acid, and the ACSH (the American Council on Science and Health) has an article about it, and how it benefits your health, at:



If you want to know more about our natural, heart-healthy meat, if you'd like to share your recipes or natural farming knowledge with us, or if you want to send us feedback, please e-mail us at linda@rivendelfarm.com