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About Our Venison

Our Fallow Deer are raised on pasture and fed grain, locally grown hay and produce.  This diet helps create a delicate flavor and superb tenderness in the venison.  No steroids or hormones are used.

How to Order

To find out how to order our natural venison, please go to the Order page.

When To Buy

Fallow deer coming in for hay and salt.

Deer are processed year round between 15 and 27 months of age to ensure consistent flavor, texture and taste.  The best time to schedule your purchase however, is from July through August, when we have the highest availability. 

Here's what you get:

  • Venison offers you and your family leaner, "heart healthy" meat
  • Venison has as much protein as ground lean beef with 35% fewer calories, and less than half the fat

Comparative Nutrient Values






Venison, Loin Cut 139 5 gm 62 gm 22 gm
Ground Beef, 85% Lean 213 12 gm 84 gm 25 gm
Beef, Bottom Round Lean 189 8 gm 81 gm 27 gm
Lamb, Loin Chop 183 8 gm 80 gm 25 gm
Chicken Breast, Skinless 140 3 gm 72 gm 26 gm
Pork Shoulder, Lean 207 13 gm 82 gm 22 gm


If you want to know more about our natural, heart-healthy venison, or if you want to send us feedback, please e-mail us at linda@rivendelfarm.com